For Builders and Architects
For Builders and Architects

According to consumer research released by the technological analyst firm Telstyte [Source], the Australian home automation market is expected to grow to $917 million by 2017. The key factors here include; growing concerns over rising power bills, the advent of Wi-Fi networks in home and commercial environments, and easy-to-install wireless devices.

Z-Wave is a global standard in the development of smart home and commercial solutions. With over 50 million devices sold worldwide, Z-Wave technology is becoming increasingly popular among consumers and business owners.

The Benefits of Z-Wave Technology

The Z-Wave network operates on an uninterrupted, low-band radio frequency. Z-Wave wireless devices communicate with each other on a sub-1GH band signal, which doesn’t interfere with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals.

Z-Wave is an open-standard protocol constantly emerging with new solutions suited for the home or commercial environment. Smart homes are capable of providing greater comfort, convenience and energy saving benefits making them a smart investment for new and existing homeowners.

Z-Wave is easy to install as part of any new residential or commercial building, including home renovations and security upgrades. There’s no necessary wiring or complex cabling and syncing devices is simple. The network is easily expandable so you can include additional devices whenever you choose to.

Many different brands make home automation devices using Z-Wave technology and all Z-Wave powered devices can communicate with each other regardless of their make or model. The Z-Wave network is compatible with all kinds of different solutions which offers endless possibilities for the Z-Wave platform.

Case Studies

Z-Wave has achieved great success in the United States and Europe, with many examples of Z-Wave technology being incorporated into new residential and commercial developments.

One such example is the Wynn Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, the highlight Z-Wave installation of recent years. With over 65,000 Z-Wave devices it is the largest Z-Wave installation to date and shows that the Z-Wave protocol is up to the task even in large commercial installations.


Marketing Benefits

With more and more smart home devices being incorporated into new and existing properties the demand from homeowners and business owners is expected to increase. Through smart home technology, new housing developments will offer greater comfort and convenience to homeowners. Businesses will benefit from an enhanced wireless security system which can immediately respond to the presence of intruders.

Working with Digital Home Systems

Digital Home Systems is an established distributer of Z-Wave products and services in the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific regions. We’re partnered with over 150 companies comprised of professional installers, builders, architects and retailers.

As a DHS partner, you’ll have access to these companies and you can inquire about their services for new project developments, installations and building renovations.

DHS partners also become part of a much wider global network – the Z-Wave Alliance – which is comprised of industry leaders in smart home technology including professional builders, designers, installers, architects and retailers.

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