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In 2017, Australians spent over $800 million on Home Automation and Smart Home Technology. Those figures are expected to jump to $1.1 billion in 2018! With companies such as Google, Amazon and Apple all investing large amounts of their time and money into Home Automation it is no surprise that this number will continue to grow as time goes on.
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As an installer, are you equipped to meet this booming demand? Can you answer your customers questions and supply them with a system which will work?

What is Smart Home Automation all about?

It's the stuff we all saw in the sci fi movies, except it's here now, and we can play with it. Voice activated lights, houses that set the temperature, turn on the lights and warm up the coffee machine because they know you're only 5km from home. This technology is all here now, and it's nowhere near as expensive as it sounds.

To turn your home into a Smart Home is simple. All you need is a Z-Wave Gateway and some devices. They are designed to be easy to install, simple to use, completely secure, and most importantly, cost effective.

For those looking to improve their home security, most networks can easily be configured into a Smart Security System. No more subscription fees, no hidden costs, and fully controlled by your customers from their smart phone or laptop. This allows them to be in complete control of their home from anywhere in the world.

We Supply Vera and Fibaro Systems



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  Vera Plus Gateway Fibaro Home Centre 2
Processor 880MHz MIPS SoC Intel Atom (1.6GHz)
Z-Wave Yes Yes
Zigbee Yes No
WiFi Yes No
Bluetooth Yes No
Number of Devices per Controller 232 232
LUA Scripting Yes Yes







The driving technology behind both of these gateways is Z-Wave. Z-Wave technology has been in use for over 15 years and is constantly undergoing further development to make devices faster and more intuitive.

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Why Digital Home Systems?

At Digital Home Systems, we give you the largest selection of Z-Wave Home Automation products available in Australia and New Zealand. We are partnered with over 500 companies from around the world and we strive to bring only the best and most reputable products to our shores.

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 Benefits of working with Digital Home Systems

When you join us, you receive a wide range of services to support your business, including:

  • Become part of the DHS network – You’ll become connected with over 500 partnered companies, including: professional designers, installers, builders, architects and retailers. Creating new networking opportunities for your business and greater customer outreach.
  • Certification provided for installers – DHS Z-Wave Certified Installers receive face-to-face training directly from us and are given ongoing e-learning opportunites, product specifications, troubleshooting guides and ongoing technical support from us. This allows you to be at the forefront of Home Automation and confidently sell solutions to your customers.
  • Sales material and print media – Our professional and informative sales material helps customers easily understand the benefits of Home Automation technology. We can easily provide you with product brochures, pamphlets and customer enquiry forms.
  • Ongoing Technical support – Need assistance with an upcoming installation project? Our technical support team can help you with any technical inquiries you may have. Including wireless setup and configuration, programming and other product issues.
  • Widest Range and Local Stock - We have the largest collection of Z-Wave products in the country, and it is all housed locally. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly and confidently get stock to our installers, making their job easier.
  • Showrooms and display homes – DHS provides showrooms and display homes with ready-to-use product samples. Allowing customers to see the benefits of Z-Wave technology in a home or commercial environment.
  • Customer Referrals - Whenever a member of the public contacts us with a request for a quote or installation of Home Automation products, we pass their queries onto you. Not only do we provide you with the knowledge base, but we also provide you with the customers when they approach us.
  • Specialised Installer Toolkit - Unique to Digital Home Systems, we can provide our installers with a Z-Wave Certified Installer Toolkit, which allows you to perform comprehensive network diagnostics from anywhere in the world.

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DHS contact details

All enquiries: 1300+ZWAVE (1300 099 283)
from overseas +61 (3) 94 32 8000

Main office and showroom:

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Reception: +61 3 94 32 8000

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