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How Can Z-Wave Home Automation Work For You?

Over the past 15 years; the Z-Wave wireless protocol has become the standard for affordable Home Automation In the United States alone. Over 90% of all security companies are using Z-Wave as their choice of securtiy and automation hardware in the Smart Home market. Z-Wave technology has become an industry standard due to FCC approval for high security certification.

Recently you might have heard about numerous break-ins and hacking attempts surrounding smart devices around the world, but this is simply not the case for devices using the Z-Wave protocol. There have been no reported cases of security breaches with devices using Z-Wave systems. Regardless of whether you're building your new home, or already have an existing house and want to retrofit a smart solution for yourself, Z-Wave is five times less expensive and less complicated than a wired solution.

Implementing Z-Wave technology is the only way to automate your house without ruining your walls and running expensive cabling throughout. It will work for your lights, blinds/windows,  HVAC (heating and cooling), security, irrigation, various electric motors and more. You will be able to control your entire house from your smartphone or tablet, regardless of whether you're at home or overseas.

You can also integrate voice control devices from Amazon and Google into Z-Wave solutions.You can easily create predefined scenes which will automate most of your routine in order to confidently make your life more convenient, saving you time and energy.

Z-Wave Devices Are Easy To Install and Run

HOME Automation

A Smart Home powered by Z-Wave technology is capable of delivering significant improvements to further enhance your lifestyle; Z-Wave devices are easy to install and require no complex programming or cabling. All you need is a wireless router, a few Z-Wave devices and one central Z-Wave gateway. Now you're able to control your appliances and utilities in a whole new way!

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Monitor and Control Your Home Appliances Anywhere You Go

Smart Home in control

Forgot to turn the lights off before leaving for work? Use the Z-Wave app on your Android or iOS mobile device to check. You can switch on or off any appliance around your home, monitor their status, and establish fully automated routines to complement your lifestyle such as, automated lights to welcome you when you arrive home as well as seamlessly quiet blinds that will close as the sun begins to set. You may also automate your garage door to open for you as soon as you are within close proximity to it. Or, in the hot summer months you may switch on your A/C prior to your arrival so that you can arrive home to a cool house.

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Use Smart Security system Alula with Z-Wave Automation

Use Smart Security system Alula with Z-Wave Automation

Reinventing the traditional security system. The Alula Smart Security removes the limitations of an outdated keypad on the wall and puts your customer’s property in hand. With Z-Wave smart device control, homeowners have a modern, connected security system for their on-the-go lifestyle, merging intrusion, automation and video into one app.

Inside the dealer-branded Alula App, customers can:

  • Completely control their home system from their phone
  • Adjust lights, locks, thermostats, and other Z-Wave devices
  • See a live view of all cameras
  • Talk and listen through cameras
  • Receive real-time notifications on motion and doorbell press
  • Review and save recorded video clips
  • Create favourites, scenes, and groupings on dashboard

Easily navigate a calendar of video recordings and security events

Monitor the Status of Senior Citizens

Smart Monitoring

People at all stages of life can benefit from activity monitoring using Z-Wave technology. For seniors that are still highly independent, Z-Wave can provide solutions for transparent monitoring of household activity and automatically optimise the residential environment for maximum safety and comfort. For those who may be a little older, or living with chronic health conditions that call for vigilant attention by family caregivers, Z-Wave can provide quantified wellness information regarding eating, sleeping, mobility and other key wellness indicators, thus allowing for proactive interventions. For those who fully depend on outside caregivers and home care visitors, Z-Wave provides remote-controllable door and access control, as well as automated comfort and safety conditions. However, if you are looking to install any professional assisted living hardware, you always need to talk to a professional before making any decisions. 

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