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How Can Z-Wave Home Automation Work For You?

Z-Wave is a global wireless standard in home automation technology that’s redefining how we perceive the modern household. Z-Wave is the foundation for a network of wireless devices that communicate with each other, in order to operate various appliances and utilities around the home. Using a Z-Wave gateway with a smart phone or tablet connected, you can choose when certain devices should operate and at what capacity. 

Z-Wave devices are Easy to Install and Run

A home powered by Z-Wave technology is capable of delivering significant improvements to your lifestyle. Z-Wave devices are easy to install and require no complex programming or cabling. All you need is a wireless Wi-Fi router, a few Z-Wave devices and a central Z-Wave gateway. Now you're able to control your appliances and utilities in a whole new way!

Monitor and Control your Home Appliances Anywhere You Go

Forgot to turn the lights off before going to work? Use the Z-Wave app on your Android or iOS mobile device to check their status. You can switch on or off any appliance around the home, monitor their status and establish fully automated “scenes” to complement your lifestyle. Automated scenes are events triggered by predetermined conditions. For example, having your indoor lights turn on as night sets in, or switching on entertainment devices after entering the lounge room or even opening roller shutters.



Save on Costly Energy Bills

With Z-Wave based applications, you can view daily reports to see how much energy you’re using and which appliances are consuming the most energy, you can establish the perfect climate for any season. Set your desired temperature level and the outdoor blinds, fans, heating and cooling devices will regulate the indoor temperature for you. This will reduce your reliance on electronic appliances and encourage greater focus on natural insulation which will reduce your energy bills.

Use Z-Wave devices to Keep your Home Safe and Secure

Keep your household safe using Z-Wave’s range of security and anti-theft devices. Our security add-ons include motion, smoke and sound sensors. Be instantly alerted to potential intruders and view wireless camera footage in any room around the house.

Download the Z-Wave app onto your Android or iOS device, and you’ll receive alerts when doors are left open or unlocked. You can make sure your home is safe and secure even when you're away.

Monitor the Status of Aged Citizens

With the rising age of the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation; technology will play an important role in improving aged care efficiency. Our devices are designed to increase the bond between caregivers and elderly residents, by giving them a way to stay connected. Using the Z-Wave app, aged residents can alert caregivers to any situation. Caregivers will also receive daily reports on their activity levels and general whereabouts courtesy of motion sensors.

Inconsistent patterns – such as doors left open or lack of movement and activity – can signify a potential fall or health emergency.

The Z-Wave Solution

The Z-Wave protocol is a base for a very affordable, powerful and intuitive smart home automation. Without any necessary cabling or programming; Z-Wave devices are easy to install and include as part of any household. You can control and automate any “smart” appliance allowing you to adapt it to your natural living conditions.

For some ideas on how you can use Z-Wave in your daily life, please check our section with Z-Wave Solutions and Referral Projects.


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