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NDIS Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides support to people with disability, their families and carers. The scheme went into full operation in 2020.

The scheme entitles people with a "permanent and significant" disability (under the age of 65) to full funding for any "reasonable and necessary" support needs related to their disability (subject to certain restrictions).

Funding is allocated to the individual, and the individual or their guardian chooses which providers supply the funded goods and services (subject to certain restrictions).

NDIS is implementing by National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). Please see more here.

home automation for disabled

Home modification within NDIS – Home Automation

To provide solutions to enable greater independence in the home.

The NDIS has a vital role to play in improving outcomes for participants and building more inclusive and equitable communities across the country. NDIA’s focus is on empowering and supporting participants to access activities and be more active members of family and community life.

Part of Home modification is Home Automation.

Typical scope of works

Where participants are reliant on physical support to undertake everyday functions like opening doors and operating lights, the criteria for reasonable and necessary NDIS funded supports may be met with home automation, as clinically assessed to meet the participant’s needs, through installation of:

  • Automatic door openers for main access and egress for the home, bathroom door and participant’s bedroom door.
  • Automatic Gate Openers.
  • Automated lighting and power control for areas in the home commonly used by the participant.
  • Automated climate control for areas in the home specifically used by the participant.
  • Automated control of window fittings for areas in the home specifically used by the participant.
  • Emergency call system.
  • Video Intercoms.
  • CCTV and access.
  • Sensor devices or pressure pads where home automation can be used to control the environment and/or medical related assistive technology.
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) for any medical equipment where the welfare of the participant may be at risk and is supported by clinical evidence.


Smart Home Disability Automation

Digital Home Systems is a Home Automation systems and components distributer

Since 2009 Digital Home Systems (DHS) has been distributing components and systems for Home and Commercial automation as well as special projects, from various manufacturers including Vera Control, FAKRO, Fibaro, Goap, KAS, REMOTEC, Vision Security, Z-Wave.me, ABB, Zenio, Comfort Click, Global Cache, NICE, JUNG, THEBEN, CoolAutomation, HAGER and others.

DHS is a member of the Z-Wave Alliance which consists of over 600 companies, manufacturers & developers of wireless Home Automation devices.

KNX and Z-Wave Technology

DHS is a KNX Partner as well. KNX bus technology allows for a broad range of Home Automation devices communicating with each other, even if they are from different manufacturers, and can even be integrated together with other automation systems. In that way the choice which products are available to use is quite large and can suit most installations. KNX has been involved in the building automation industry for over 28 years. Moreover, the technology can be used in both new and existing buildings. A KNX installation can be easily extended and adapted to new needs, with little time and financial investment. KNX can be implemented in any size family houses as well as large buildings and commercial BMS installations where reliability is critical.

We currently stock over 100 different devices and are constantly adding new devices as they become available in addition to updating existing versions.

Electrician doing installation

For registered NDIS installers

The team at Digital Home Systems are experts in Home Automation solutions. Our Z-Wave and KNX devices offer a wide variety of solutions for different homes and disabilities, meaning our installers have the tools they require for these NDIS projects. In addition to a wide variety of hardware, DHS prides themselves on offering excellent technical support to all our installers, including paid project consultations for difficult installations. If you are dealing with NDIS Home Automation installations we recommend registering as a DHS installer below so you can have access to our full range of devices. Additionally, if you have any questions please feel free to contact our office.


For Non-registered NDIS installers

If you are not currently registered as an NDIS installer we strongly recommend doing so to expand your customer base and increase the amount of Home Automation projects. By becoming an NDIS registered installer you’ll be actively working on improving the lives of people living with disabilities through Home Automation systems. Find out more information about becoming a registered NDIS Provider below.




For registered NDIS providers

Digital Home Systems are experts in home and office automation. With our knowledge we can help existing, registered NDIS providers create the perfect solutions for their NDIS Home Modification projects. From our existing and growing number of NDIS installers, our experienced team can provide a vast amount of knowledge and guidance for NDIS providers. With excellent technical support and paid consultancy options we can offer excellent support for NDIS providers who are interested in or dealing with Home and Office Automation projects.

Contact Us

Contact us today if you are an NDIS Registered Provider or Installer and we can help with home modification questions related to Home Automation, components and systems. We currently provide support, hardware and consultancy more than 1000 companies across Australia.


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