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KNX Online Training

As Home Automation products have become more popular and accessible, the demand for comfort and versatility in the management of heating, lighting and access control systems for a family home as well as an office complex is growing. People are becoming more aware of their living and working environment and are increasingly looking for an energy efficient and sustainable solution. From an automation perspective, this has previously meant more wires, more devices and naturally higher installation costs and risks. 

KNX technology overcomes these hurdles by ensuring that all devices and components speak a common language. Whether you want to control lighting, shutters, security systems, energy management, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning systems, signaling and monitoring systems, interfaces to service and building control systems, remote control, audio and video control,... All these functions work via an uniform system. This is called the principle of interworking. This is home and building control made easy. This is KNX.

KNX have some of the best online training available for Smart Home Automation world wide. You do need to Register with them in order to gain access, but this is free and quite easy to do. To begin your journey in KNX click on the button below.

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Once you have registered, you will find a link to the KNX eCampus on your myKNX dashboard.

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Here you can learn all about KNX basics, setting up their networks and finally making it work in a way suits your customers. Complete this and you'll be well on your way to becoming a certified KNX partner.

KNX Hands On Training

As mentioned previously, KNX also offer hands on courses and this is a requirement for you to achieve Partner status. On your myKNX Dashboard you will find the option to "Subscribe to a KNX certified course". Once you follow this link you will be able to search for the next available course in your area. Most courses go for 3-4 consecutive days and are run by KNX Certified training providers.

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To find out more about this process and all other KNX training opportunities, please go register for a myKNX account. Click the button below to begin.

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All enquiries: 1300+ZWAVE (1300 099 283)
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Greensborough, VIC

Name: DHS headquarters
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