Over the last few years people have shifted from “tap” to the convenience of voice control, with voice assistants rapidly growing in popularity in the market. In a recent Microsoft study, 72% of respondents reported using voice-activated search. In addition, a Gartner study predicted that 30% of all browsing sessions will include voice search by 2020, so how can we adapt to this growing trend?

Well, clearly voice assistants are already a popular feature for smart home automation devices but often users end up with multiple apps and multiple voice assistance connected to one smart home hub, this creates a confusing solution for users. Recently, Vera has announced that they have been working to fix this problem and released an exciting new platform: Ezlo VOI.


But what’s this platform all about?

Ezlo VOI is a powerful patent-pending platform that lets you control any device associated with any voice assistant through the Vera app.  You don’t have to use 4 apps to control 3 different assistants and 1 smart home hub. With Ezlo VOI and the Vera app, you can now control everything under one roof with a single tap. This makes it easy and convenient for all users to manage a large network of devices and voice assistants with a powerful system that manages it all in one place, the Vera app.

This new Vera platform removes the common barrier of smart home adaption, a lack of compatibility. Ezlo VOI brings us one step closer to the dream of being able to control everything together, regardless of the platform. Ezlo VOI does this by using the Vera app to control devices that aren’t natively supported with the help of Google Home or Alexa.

According to Vera, there are two ways you can use this new platform:

  • Direct action on any of the devices in your home

VOI makes it easy to connect with devices that are not natively compatible with the Vera system by giving the impression that they are through communication with your Google Home or Alexa voice assistant. They give the example of adjusting Phillips Hue lights to 50% brightness:

Behind the scenes, Vera App/Ezlo VOI → asks your Google Home Mini → to turn Phillips Hue lights to → 50% brightness.

  • Scenes that automate devices on different platforms

This new platform also allows you to create scenes with the help of your voice assistant. Vera gives the example of activating a “Date Night” scene:

Behind the scenes, Siri sends the command to → Vera app/Ezlo VOI → Dims the Z-Wave mood to 50% → Ezlo VOI → tells Google Home → Set Nest Thermostat to 21 degrees, Play ‘Date Night’ playlist on YouTube Music.

Vera is working towards revolutionizing voice control and smart home automation and with Ezlo VOI the possibilities are endless. Vera is continuing to create new, impressive tools for users and installers, stating that “there is more innovation coming soon”. Stay tuned to see what will come next!

Prerequisites for Ezlo VOI:

  • Ezlo Atom, Ezlo PlugHub (US only), New Linux Fireware on Vera Edge controllers
  • iOS 9+
  • Android 8.1+

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