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Being part of a disability support organisation means that EasyTech Living combines therapeutic experience with assistive technology know-how to create our smart home installations. People with disability often require complex supports to achieve greater independence, and smart home controls must be tailored to each client’s strengths and abilities.

The relationship with our customer is unique; working alongside them, and their occupational therapist to create a customised solution and an important link to government funding. We recently worked on a smart home installation with a client with quadriplegia who was completely reliant on his carers. Now he can control almost everything in his home simply by voice commands, sensors and a mouth stylus on an iPad attached to his wheelchair. This includes turning on lights, opening and closing doors and blinds, answering the front door, turning on the TV (including change channels and adjust volume), retaining a comfortable home temperature and calling carers from anywhere in the house if he needs them.

Creative parts of the installation include using voice control to turn off his children’s Xbox so he can tell them to go to bed and letting his dog out in the morning.  For someone dependent upon other people’s hands for everything this smart home installation has been life changing.

We tell our clients to dream big. Tell us what you want, and we will create a smart solution to make it happen!

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