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Our installers have been busy. This week in Sydney one of our installers had the job of integrating one of our clients old Fujitsu ducted air conditioning systems with their Fibaro Z-wave Controllers. For this job the client had this hardware recommended by us:

1x Coolinkhub 
1 x CoolPlug 
2 x Qubino Dry Contact Switch (For Damper Control)

Firstly we had to wire between the customer's internet router to the Coolinkhub using a cat6 data cable. Then we used the wiring from the cool plug to connect to the cool plug. Both units were installed at the indoor unit that was mounted inside the ceiling with an inspection hatch below it for easy access. We then wired from the Coolinkplug to the unit as described in the wiring diagram. We then fixed the IP address of the Coolinkhub and installed the virtual device into Fibaro Home Center 2. The Qubino Dry Contacts were used to open and close the existing dampers that the customer had for zone control. Once completed the customer was able to control his system by the Fibaro Home Center 2. The final step was to create associations to automate the A/C system thus saving them money on energy consumption and maximizing the comfort when they are home. 

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