Z-Wave solutions

Secure Your Home With Z-WaveThe reality is that many home security systems are not very easy to use. They require professional installation and plenty of time and dedication to configure them to suit your lifestyle. Furthermore they rapidly become obsolete as modern technology is advancing at an astounding rate. Our smart Z-Wave Home Warning System is designed to be simple, cost effective and future proof.

The Z-Wave Solution

Using the latest Z-Wave technology you can equip your house with motion sensors, shock sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide sensors and much more! You can fully automate your tailor-made warning system to notify you via SMS or email of any disturbances in your home such as flooding, fire and unwelcome intruders allowing you to take swift action to protect your belongings while your cameras record and store footage of the incident. Set your sirens to turn on when a motion sensor is triggered to potentially frighten away would-be intruders and alert your neighbours of the threat to your home. When you come home the motion and door & window sensors turn from alarm sensors to home automation sensors allowing you to control your lights and appliances.

Before You Start

While Z-Wave is a very adaptable system, allowing you to add or remove devices at will, it is still important to plan your Z-Wave project before you start so that you only buy the components you need. You should begin by deciding what you want your Z-Wave system to do and then draw up a plan of where you will install your Z-Wave devices and how they will interact with each other.

It is important to remember that most Z-Wave devices have a range of around 30m without obstacles and while that seems like a lot it can prove to be a limiting factor in large scale installations, especially ones where the devices have to communicate through multiple obstacles. Fortunately the Z-Wave system was built wish MESH networking technology which allows Z-Wave devices (excluding battery powered devices) to forward commands from the Z-Wave gateway effectively expanding the range of your Z-Wave network. We also offer specially designed repeaters, such as the VISION Z-Wave Range Extender, which can greatly increase the range of your Z-Wave network.

Once you have a clear plan for your Z-Wave system you are ready to automate your home! If you would like the help of a qualified Z-Wave electrician you can request an obligation free quote here.

What You Will Need

Every Z-Wave system is built around a Z-Wave gateway. Your Z-Wave gateway; monitors the state of all the devices in your Z-Wave network, allows you to control your Z-Wave devices with a remote or smartphone and allows you to create automated scenes which will activate when a certain condition is met. You can read more about our Z-Wave gateways here.

Once you have set up your gateway and connected it to the internet you can start adding devices to your Z-Wave network. 

For a simple security system you can start with a Z-Wave motion sensor, a IP camera and a Z-Wave siren. Place the Z-Wave motion sensor at the entrance to your property and set an alert scene in your Z-Wave gateway so that you will be notified (via SMS or email) when an intruder is detected. You can then access your Z-Wave camera via your smartphone to see the intruder and record footage of the incident. If you deem it necessary you can also activate your Z-Wave siren to alert your neighbours of the threat to your home and scare off the intruder. You can control all your devices using the Z-Wave app on your smartphone. Alternatively you can automate any part of this process such as having your Z-Wave camera immediately begin recording when the intruder is detected or having your house lights turn on to scare off the intruder.

For further security you can also install Z-Wave shock sensors on your windows and have your Z-Wave gateway notify you when a window is broken.

To alert yourself of other threats to your home such as fire or flooding you can install one of our Z-Wave smokeZ-Wave Carbon Monoxide and Z-Wave flood sensors. These can be used to immediately notify you (via email or SMS) of the danger to your home so that you can alert the appropriate authorities.

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Keep an Eye on Your Home Using Your Mobile Device

Download the official Z-Wave app onto your iPhone, PC, Tablet or Android device and you can monitor your entire home even when you're away.

A Whole Home Automation Solution

The Z-Wave system is an inclusive network that allows you to upgrade and add additional devices at anytime. With an easy installation process and no wiring necessary; Z-Wave is the easiest and most reliable home automation solution available.

Please note this is not a full security system. It does not involve 24/7 observation by an external company. It is a warning and monitoring system which you can configure to suit your needs.

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