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Light Up Your Home With Z-WaveLighting control goes far beyond simply giving you a convenient new and creative way to turn lights on and off. It is about giving you the ability to control the level of lighting throughout your home – inside and out – for safety and security, convenience, comfort and energy savings.
You’ll never have to run around the house turning off the lights again. Simply use your smartphone or Z-Wave gateway to conveniently turn them all off in one go, saving time and money. 

The Z-Wave Solution

Our intelligent Z-Wave Lighting Control System allows you to set your lights to suit your needs with the push of a button. You can turn on the lights and dim them using your smartphone, iPad or one of our remotes or even have them switch on automatically as you walk by or open the door by using one of our many sensors. You can also configure your Z-Wave Lighting Control System with multiple scenes which you can then access with your smartphone or controller or automatically at a pre-set time. That means you can go from dinner lighting in the dining room to home cinema lighting in the living room with the push of a button.

Before You Start

While Z-Wave is a very adaptable system, allowing you to add or remove devices at willl, it is still important to plan your Z-Wave project before you start so that you only buy the components you need. You should begin by deciding what you want your Z-Wave system to do and then draw up a plan of where you will install your Z-Wave devices and how they will interact with each other.

It is important to remember that most Z-Wave devices have a range of around 30m without obstacles and while that seems like a lot it can prove to be a limiting factor in large scale installations, especially ones where the devices have to communicate through multiple obstacles. Fortunately the Z-Wave system was built wish MESH networking technology which allows Z-Wave devices (excluding battery powered devices) to forward commands from the Z-Wave gateway effectively expanding the range of your Z-Wave network. We also offer specially designed repeaters, such as the VISION Z-Wave Range Extender, which can greatly increase the range of your Z-Wave network.

Once you have a clear plan for your Z-Wave system you are ready to automate your home! If you would like the help of a qualified Z-Wave electrician you can request an obligation free quote here.

What You Will Need

Every Z-Wave system is built around a Z-Wave gateway. Your Z-Wave gateway; monitors the state of all the devices in your Z-Wave network, allows you to control your Z-Wave devices with a remote or smartphone and allows you to create automated scenes which will activate when a certain condition is met. You can read more about our Z-Wave gateways here.

Once you have set up your gateway and connected it to the internet you can start adding devices to your Z-Wave network. 

To control your lights with Z-Wave you will need to install Z-Wave lighting controllers (such as a DHS Z-Wave In-Wall Dimmer or a Fibaro Z-Wave In-Wall Single Switch). These devices go into your wall socket, behind your light switch, and will need to be installed by a qualified electrician. 

Once you have installed your Z-Wave lighting controllers you can set some scenes with your Z-Wave gateway so that you can quickly access your desired lighting levels with the use of a remote or smartphone.  

If you would like your lights to turn on automatically when you enter a room you can can also install one of our many Z-Wave sensors (such as the DHS Multisensor or Fibaro Door/Window Sensor). With the use of scenes you can program your Z-Wave gateway to turn on your lights using your Z-Wave lighting controller when your Z-Wave sensor detects that you have entered the room.  


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Keep an Eye on Your Home Using Your Mobile Device

Download the official Z-Wave app onto your iPhone, PC, Tablet or Android device and you can monitor your whole home even when you're away from the house. 

A Whole Home Automation Solution

The Z-Wave system is an inclusive network that allows you to upgrade and add additional devices at anytime. With an easy installation process and no wiring necessary; Z-Wave is the easiest and most reliable home automation solution available.

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