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Control Your Locks With Z-Wave

 Never get locked out of your home again

The age-old lock is the gateway to your home. It not only protects your family and assets, but gives you peace of mind when you go to bed at night and to work in the morning. With a Lockwood/Vera pairing, you can have total peace of mind that your home is secured when it should be.

Introducing the Z-Wave Smart Lock Solution

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The Lockwood/Vera pairing will give you insight and control of the entrance to your home.

With this perfect pairing, you can lock/unlock your house from a remote location with your phone or computer. You may also assign different PIN numbers for different users and restrict their access to certain times and days and even get notifications sent to your mobile upon their entering/departing the premises.


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  Convenient Features:

  • The Lockwood will warn you when the batteries reach 30% of full capacity. Typically, alkaline batteries will see 10 openings per day for a period of 12 months. Should the batteries go flat, there is a key to over-ride the lock so that you never need be concerned with being locked out of your home.
  • The Lockwood also has an automatic arming feature. What this means is that once you have entered the house, the door will automatically lock 30sec later.
  • There is a tamper alert so that if someone forcibly tries to remove the lock from the outside an audible alarm in the lock will sound.
  • Voice navigation comes as standard so that the lock can be set up quickly and conveniently.
  • With the Vera you can set your Lockwood to lock at a given time each night, removing the need to check it or lie in bed wondering if you locked the door.
  • Once you have a Vera equipped home, you can add additional modules to control lighting, heating/cooling, powerpoints etc, click here to find what else you can control.
  • Via phone or computer, you can check the present status and history of events of your Lockwood/vera pairing.

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