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Over 50 million Z-Wave devices have been sold worldwide since 2005. Z-Wave products have been used in many installations ranging from small scale domestic home improvements to light commercial projects. During this time Z-Wave has proven itself to be a world market leader in wireless home automation technology bringing affordable, reliable and easy to use products to millions of people worldwide. Designed to be economical and adaptable, Z-Wave is a leading choice for many home automation solutions. It is actively supported by over 350 manufacturers and service providers throughout the world.

Thanks to smart MESH networking technology, which allows devices to not only communicate with the home controller but also with each other, you can expand the range of your Z-Wave network and make it more robust and reliable by adding more devices. This makes Z-Wave a perfect choice for light commercial projects allowing them to create a large reliable home automation network without the need for laying out hundreds of metres of expensive cables. Meanwhile the ability to add new devices into a Z-Wave network at any time makes Z-Wave a great choice for home owners who are looking for a home automation technology that can adapt their changing needs.

On this page we will write about some of the interesting ways in which Z-Wave has been used in light commercial and domestic installations both worldwide and in Australia.

Wynn Hotel

The Wynn Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is the highlight Z-Wave installation of recent years. With over 65,000  Z-Wave devices it is the largest Z-Wave installation to date and shows that the Z-Wave protocol is up to the task even in large commercial installations. When the Wynn Hotel was looking to automate their hotel rooms (over 2,700 of them) they needed a technology that could be implemented quickly, work seamlessly over 45 floors and most importantly one that would enhance their guest’s experience. They decided to choose Z-Wave.

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